Festival Tokyo
December 2022
We want your bandWe want your band

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is a unique online streaming event that highlights the diversity of Tokyo's music scene. It features performances from music artists across a broad spectrum of genres like R&B, hip-hop, rock, pop and more that dig deep into the city's culture.

The event will showcase 1 online concert/night for 15 days, followed by a special hybrid finale event at Wall & Wall in Omotesando. The event will begin on December 5th and end with the finale on December 20th.

Sponsored by Zaiko

Zaiko, a technology company based in Nishi-Azabu, is sponsoring this Bandwidth Festival with venues, production equipment, marketing and its online music platform. Artists and fans will be able to use Zaiko's streaming, fan engagement and digital goods apps to engage with each other like never before.

As an incentive, 3 artists with the highest engagement (stream views, subscriptions sold to fans, NFTs sold to fans) during the 30-day selling period will be invited to perform at the finale, in front of celebrity guests, music industry professionals and top fans. Artists will also secure a spot in a special Zaiko TV spotlight.

10 top fans with the highest engagement (artist subscriptions purchased, artist NFTs purchased) during the 30-day selling period will also be invited to the finale, where they will get a chance to watch a live show from a favorite artist or new favorite artist.

We want your bandWe want your band

Zaiko is now fielding submissions for artists and bands interested in joining the 2022 event.
If you think you have what it takes, sign up below and join the Bandwidth Festival 2022.
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Perks for Artists & Bands

Besides getting free press coverage and marketing exposure on all Zaiko channels, Bandwidth is the best way for artists to dip their toes into the NFT world for FREE.

Artists not only get a chance to work hand-in-hand with music industry technology experts but also get a chance to try modern music artist tools only available at Zaiko (no upfront costs).

Full list of unique benefits

  • Revenue share model - all artists will receive a portion of Bandwidth related sales
  • Learn valuable skills - learn how to create subscriptions for your fans, sell digital goods including ticket stubs and NFTs, sell merchandise during streams, receive tips (¥) during streams and more
  • Professional video content - Zaiko will cover all expenses related to video production, venue(s), etc and create 2+ videos that artists can use for current/future marketing purposes (artists will own IP)
  • Exposure - Artists will be featured on Zaiko TV, website, social media, email, press release, posters, and more. Commercials for Bandwidth will be visible in the Shibuya crossing on the Vision screen.
  • Finale performance - chance to perform in front of music industry professionals, VIPs and celebrities at Wall & Wall
  • Zaiko set up fees waived - Artists get to try Zaiko's latest products with no set up fees (Zaiko only takes a fee when something is sold)
  • On-site refreshments - food and drink provided during shooting


How much does the event cost?
Bandwidth tickets are free but require a Zaiko Connect subscription. Connect gives users a 15-day pass for the entire festival and access to event collectibles like an event x artist collaboration NFT.
Note: Bandwidth is also free for Zaiko Premium members.
What does the roll out look like for artists?
After you submit the application form, we'll reach out to you if you're selected. From there, we'll walk you through the process that includes orientation, onboarding, promotion and filming.
How long will I have to promote my event?
Artists will have 30 days to promote their segment.
If selected, what time will my slot be at?
Each daily concert will begin at 7pm and end at 8pm. Your segment will be broadcasted during this time between December 5th and December 20th.
What happens to the content after the initial stream?
The content will be available to watch on ZAIKO TV for six months after the end of the event. Artists will own this content thereafter and can post this content wherever they choose.
Can I receive a copy of the content?
Of course. We will be mailing the content to all participants once it has been removed from Zaiko TV.
How much will I make?
Artist payout will depend on ticket sales, subscriptions, and collectibles sold by each participating artist. Commission rates will be shared during onboarding. Note: Each participant will need to sell these things in order to participate in our revenue share.
Do I need to sell a minimum number of tickets in order to get paid?
No. You will get paid from the very first ticket you sell. There is no “Norma” system for this event.
When will I get paid?
All payouts will be issued on the last banking day of the month following the end date of the event. Please allow 3-5 business days for payment to be deposited in your bank account.

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